Amazone Cleanroom / ESD seamless upholstered

Step: 1Upholstery

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Step: 2Options

Fixed seat angle
Adjustable seat angle

The angle of the seat can be adjusted as desired

Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm
Trumpet glides ESD
Soft swivel castors ESD

ESD castors suitable for hard floor surfaces

Soft castors, brake loaded ESD

ESD Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd

Class 10/ISO class 4 tested by het Fraunhofer Institute
Gaslift height adjustment

Step: 3Summary

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Amazone Cleanroom / ESD seamless upholstered

The Score Amazone Cleanroom is seamlessly upholstered and is equipped with a filter cloth, so that when moved or seated, the displaced air is always filtered and no dust particles end up in the room. The seat is upholstered in black leather ESD. The cleanroom saddle stool is Class 3 tested by the Fraunhofer Institute.

The narrower and most popular variant of the two types of seats, the Score Amazone, facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is evenly distributed over the seat and floor. The Amazon seat offers the optimal balance between the control and healthy posture of 'standing' and the comfort of 'sitting'.

Height adjustment:57 - 76 cm
  • Aluminium base round and smooth ø 50 cm
  • Fraunhofer tested Class 3 Cleanroom and ESD
  • Smaller version of the Jumper
  • Seat appr. 34 x 30 cm (W x D)


The laboratory chairs Cleanroom has an artificial leather seat and backrest. It is also equipped with a hepa filter so that the displaced air is always filtered whilst you are sitting or moving on it and no dust particles get into the room.

The chair has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and meets the standard: DIN EN ISO 14644-1, ISO class 4 (class 10 according to US Federal Standard 209E). The saddles are tested by Fraunhofer Class 3.

This Clearoom laboratory chairs are ergonomically perfect. It is also ideal for clean room workstations where ESD-sensitive components are used. Built up static electricity is safely dissipated through the conductive parts in the seat. This prevents damage to electronically sensitive devices.

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