Sit-stand stool 4232

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Sit-stand stool 4232

Those who perform their work alternating between sitting and standing can occasionally use a little extra support. The sit-stand stool 4232 provides a solution. Equipped with a steel base and a PU (polyurethane) seat.

Work surface height:90-110 cm
Height adjustment:66 - 90 cm
  • Floorcaps
  • Steel base, black

Sit-stand stool

Sit stand stools provide the solution for work that requires frequent changes between sitting and standing. They are also ideal for workplaces where there is a lack of leg space. In order to work comfortably and without strain, your sit stand stool should be adjusted to the desired working height. You can find the beautifully designed Steady in many museums, including the famous ”National Museum” in Amsterdam. With the adjustable seat and the handy footrest (foldable), the Steady can be used for support in a standing position as well as being a comfortable seat.

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